New to Twitter

So while I might have a really great understanding of linkedIn,  I am a Twitter Newbie.  But unlike LI, which can sometimes feel a little cold (who wants an “IDK”?!?), I’ve found most Tweeple to be really awesome and helpful. (So much so that I actually find myself using the word “Tweeple”)   It’s not that I’m forgoing linkedIn, it’s a fab business tool…. but I do find myself logging into Twitter more.


3 Responses to New to Twitter

  1. I was a twitter newbie a few months ago and definitely went through those stages and phases where phase I is like “Why am I doing this and what do I say?” .. phase II: “Is this twit thing even working?” .. phase III: “Is anyone out here? Does anyone care I’m on twitter?” …. BUT then … lo’ and behold … I got my first follower; then the next. Eventually you get a bit more comfortable but still feel, from time to time, “is it working?” And what I mean by is it working, I mean am I adding value? Am I making a positive impact and, in turn, is this positively impacting me? Overwhelmingly now I can say “yes” to these types of questions. Since tweeting, I have learned SO MUCH from others. Moreover, the resources shared on Twitter from like-minded folks are amazing. Additionally, when I share a blog post or something related to me (which I don’t often do; only once in a while), I get a good response, traffic to my site and some good exposure.

    I really hope you will enjoy your tweeting adventures and look forward to knowing how you evolve, progress and benefit from the tweeple community 🙂

  2. Nelson says:


    I really like your attitude towards helping people with social media. I would welcome you to join our community to help share unique ideas and maybe even learn some new things.


    Nelson Bruton

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