LinkedIn seems to be combining and deleteing profiles…

I have heard now from two clients who say that LinkedIn has taken it upon themselves to combine profiles.  One client – admittedly – had two profiles up – one directed as a personal profile and one for her business.  LinkedIn doesn’t like that much.  It appears that they have deleted her personal profile and have only her business’s profile active.

My other client’s story is worse:  apparently LinkedIn deleted her profile, but gave her access to another person’s profile.  Same name – different person.  They changed the other person’s password so my client could access that profile.

It has been several weeks and they are both still exchanging emails with customer service.

So – IF you have two profiles up – or have a common name, may I make these suggestions:

Make a word doc copy of your entire profile.  To do this simply “view profile”,  select all, than copy to a word doc.  You should always have a copy of your profile anyway, as if mkaes it much easier to create profiles in other social media platforms.

The other thing you will want to do on a weekly basis is download your contacts list.  That way if LinkedIn should ever “lose” your profile (or shut you down which they might do to me after I write this blog) you can simply create your new profile using your word doc and upload your contact list and re-invite everyone.  (of course – this works only if you have less than 3000 first contacts).  Make sure you personalize your invitation explaining that “you used to be contected on LinekdIn, but due to a LinekdIn glitch,I must re-invite all my contacts.  Please re-accept my invitation (and archive this message if you no longer want to be connected). ”

So – this might be a pain in  the ass, and a couple hours more of work,  but trust me, it’s better than several weeks of dealing with customer service and/or being out of touch with your LinkedIn connections.

Once you have your new profile up and running, make sure to add all your email addresses under accounts/setting!



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