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Linked Into Business

Linked Into Business

Viveka von Rosen, MA, RScP,

Viveka von Rosen is a certified life & business coach, social media strategist, LinkedIn expert & trainer and social media enthusiast.  Combining her experience in entrepreneurial and personal development with social media training & strategies has set her apart from the average business and life coach.  The Executive Center, which she runs as a small business incubator, provides business coaching as well as business development workshops and seminars to its members and “friends”.

Mission Statement:  Linking people to their potential using social media strategies.

Other experience:  Viveka has been a student of spirituality for over 20 years.  After 5 years of rigorous study and practice, she received her License as a Spiritual Counselor through United Centers for Spiritual Living, and has been practicing for 3 years.  She is also certified through Our Living Center as a Touchstone for Life Coach.  Her years of practice and study have instilled the qualities of a good life coach:  compassionate listening, deep intuition, and an integral vision of her client’s possibility.

Personal Vision Statement
By combining my experience as a life and business coach with my training and work as a social media strategist, I am able to create a unique offer to my clients.  Together we can discover or refine their personal visions, creating goals and defining the action steps needed to achieve their vision.  By strategically implementing social media into their personal and business action plan, we can create the immediate relevancy, exposure and legitimacy that would traditionally take much more time.  This immediacy helps fuel a feeling of accomplishment which then generates more action and success.


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