The Nation’s Leading Social Networking Strategists

Integrated Alliances (IA) ensures you get the very most out of your time invested in LinkedIn and other social media platforms with our proprietary methodologies, strategies and tactics.  Our LinkedIn training offerings are, without a doubt, the most robust in the world.
IA offers 10 distinct flavors of LinkedIn education, from the basics to the most advanced to specifics for sales, marketing, recruiting, HR, Real Estate, job seeking and career development.  IA’s Public LinkedIn Training for individuals is supplemented by IA’s Private LinkedIn Training for businesses, groups and associations. The IA LinkedIn Profiles Guide is highly acclaimed for getting people’s profiles fully optimized.
Too busy? IA now offers LINKEDIN MANAGED SERVICES to create your profile and build your network FOR YOU.  IA even answers your inbound invitations and inquiries FOR YOU and sends you the leads!
The combination of in-person business networking events and on-line networking brings you the most value and this where IA is truly a world leader.  LinkedIn Webinars, LinkedIn Workshops, LinkedIn Live networking events, SocialNet Networking events are all IA’s areas of extreme expertise.

Have IA come speak at your conference, convention or business gathering or visit IA’s Social Network Training Blog for tips, tricks and the latest info on using social media for business.


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